Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia expands

People are building in Tunisia. Since last year, Kwekerij De Wieringermeer and the Grow Group have been cultivating bell and pointed peppers together with a Tunisian partner under the name Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia. The cultivation area will double to more than five hectares.
Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia has been cultivating bell and pointed peppers in an area of 2.5 hectares in Tunisia since 2016. “The company was founded due to demand for a year-round production of bell and pointed peppers,” says John van Marrewijk from Kwekerij De Wieringermeer. The bell pepper nursery started working with Grow Group, a plant nursery from Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, and a Tunisian partner. Since 2016, they have supplied bell and pointed peppers to buyers year-round.
Dutch standards
“Cultivation in Tunisia is done to Dutch quality standards,” John continues. “This means a heated cultivation on substrate with recycling of water, and additionally, we use organic pesticides.” This results in products of particularly good quality and with a good shelf life.
Since the cultivation started, a number of contracts have been entered into. “There is serious interest from the UK for bell peppers, and talks will be held in the coming months about supplying these year-round.”
The bell peppers are sold by Harvest House through export companies TNI and Rainbow International. Considering the international interest, Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia decided to expand the production surface to more than five hectares in 2017. Plenty of expansion opportunities still exist for the future.
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