Chokri Chérif, this brilliant researcher who sends to Germans the image of true Tunisia

If the terrorist Anis Amri had tarnished the image of the Tunisian youth in Germany, fortunately eminent researcher Chokri Cherif, gave a much better and very brilliant image that honours all Tunisians.

At the head of a team of 205 people, he was granted the prestigious Technological Innovation Award for the future. The President of the German Republic awarded him the prize personally last November 30 at a ceremony attended by several hundred of the most renowned researchers.

This high-ranking distinction, which has been widely acclaimed by research laboratories, has been awarded to him for developing a new carbon fiber-based material with Peter Offermann and Manfred Curbach from the Technical University of Dresden. It is a very powerful alloy, which replaces iron in building and various structures. Ten times more durable than iron and significantly less heavy, he introduces a true industrial and technological revolution.

In his official visit to Berlin, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed was delighted to congratulate him and pay tribute to him during the meeting organized with the Tunisian academic competences residing in Germany, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Slim Khalbous.

At the age of 50, Chokri Cherif, a native of Sidi Bourouis, married and father of three children, had a secondary education in Bouarada (Siliana). Winner of a scholarship in Germany, in 1985, he managed to receive diplomas and distinctions. So far, Cherif is holder of no fewer than 70 international awards, 250 patents and 1,500 scientific publications.

He is one of six advisors selected by the German Minister of Industry for Applied and Basic Research. “It has not been easy,” he told media. For this carbon fiber alone, it took nearly twenty years of continuous effort. The process of ultimate final testing and certification, which was very complicated, took many years. ”

Chokri Chérif is highly demanded by aeronautical, industrial and other major automobile companies (BMW, Mercedes …) in Germany and around the world. Invited by major universities and numerous research centres, his lectures are followed with great attention. In a few days, he will be in Japan, after having been recently in the United States. But it is in Tunisia, his native country that he will soon make a scientific tour, which will be for him with strong emotional charge. Minister Khalbous invited him to present his work to students and researchers and to create vocations.

To compare such great success of Chokri Cherif with the drifts of young Tunisians who have borrowed the path of fanaticism and blind violence, one realizes the wide gap that separates them. From a modest background in a rural area, trained in a public school that gives equal opportunities to all, Cherif demonstrates that success is the result of hard work. He shows the way to the Tunisian youth.


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