Crocodile’s killing tarnished our reputation in famous media

I felt sad and humiliated  at the same time when I read an articles posted in the British website” International Business Times ” , in “ Daily Mail” website as well as in “ AFP”,  of the killing of a poor crocodile in the Belvedere’s Zoo, because blind violence reaches even a crocodile, which can not hurt any one of the visitors.

The crocodile had internal hemorrhage after he was stoned to death, according to the post of the municipality of Tunis.

This painful story denounced by the municipality, was exploited by foreign media to show again the horror of some of us which coincided unfortunately with the intensive handling of the British and the International Media of the Sousse terror attack of 2015.

Such a terrible act further tarnished our image in the world and damaged our reputation as peaceful citizens. The budget of Ministry of Tourism is not sufficient to improve the vision of others towards us after such a “savage behaviour”.

Is it not enough for the overblown and suspicious figures of Tunisian terrorists in hotbeds of tension which embarrass the Tunisians nationwide and worldwide! Is it not enough for the International Media to remind us that Tunisia is a” market of radicalization”, and the horrific images that frustrated us every time!

In fact, the killing of the crocodile proved that violence  has many faces and killers are everywhere and we are under microscope of enemies and even friends.

So, we must fight all forms of violence and barbarism in Zoo, in Stadium, at schools and universities…even  with the faintest effort.

Ben Rhouma chedly




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