Tunisian extremist deported from Italy

Italian authorities on Tuesday expelled a radical Tunisian Muslim who they said voiced support for the Islamic State jihadist group’s 2015 attacks on Paris and incited racial hatred and violence towards women.

The 39-year-old Tunisian was deported from Malpensa airport in northern Italy aboard a flight to Tunis “for reasons of public security,” the interior ministry said.

 “He displayed approval for (IS’s) November 2015 attacks on Paris,” the ministry stated.

The Tunisian had been doing jail time for petty crime in the northern city of Brescia, where his extremist views emerged from police monitoring of Muslim prisoners deemed at risk of radicalisation, the ministry said.

“During prayers he often incited racial hatred and violence towards women, who he said were ‘impure’,” the statement added.

The Tunisian was the 18th alleged radical Muslim to be deported this year, according to the ministry.

A total of 150 suspected religious extremists have been expelled since January 2015, said the ministry.


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