Tunisia ranked 114th in Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings

Like every year, Mercer firm publishes its rankings of cities where it is good to live (Mercer’s 19th Quality of Living Ranking).

It should be noted, from the beginning, that this ranking is not for the local or the indigenous. It concerns foreign expatriates, who have to travel for work abroad, and to allow their employers to measure the compensation they have to give them, in relation to their way of life in their countries of origin.

“Factors such as climate, disease and health standards, ease of communication, and physical remoteness can often affect the success of a mission abroad.

Moreover, the local political and social environment, political violence and crime can give rise to potentially uncomfortable, inconvenient and even dangerous situations.

To encourage mobility, reliable information is needed to help calculate the right expatriate compensation for difficult locations, “the 2017 report said.

For Tunisians, Tunisia is the 114th city (out of a total of 231) where it is good to live, not far from the Moroccan political capital Rabat (117th) and its economic capital Casablanca (125th) and far ahead of Algiers (184th) and even Beirut of Lebanon which is ranked 180th by the firm Mercer.

Dubai (74th), Abu Dhabi (79th), Muscat of Oman (106th) and Doha of Qatar (108th) are ahead of Tunis.

Tunis is also the 2nd best city where it is good to live in Africa after Johannesburg of South Africa ranked 96th worldwide. Behind, there are Dakar of Senegal (163rd), Libreville of Gabon (164th) and Cairo (165th).


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