First National Anti-Corruption Pact to be launched on April 19

The first National Anti-Corruption Pact will be launched on April 19, the National Anti-Corruption Authority (French: INLUCC) annouced.

In this connection, the INLUCC) will organise a ceremony for the presentation of the first civil society coalition pact on April 19 in Tunis.

This pact is the result of a series of consultations and meetings organised by INLUCC as part of the unification of the civil society efforts and the support of its role in the development and implementation of policies and anti-corruption agendas, good governance and transparency.

According to a statement by the Authority, 20 associations and authorities active in the fight against corruption and good governance have already joined the pact which “marks the emergence of a broad societal nucleus of the dissemination of the culture of combating corruption”.

Among the signatories of this pact are I Watch, Al-Bawsala, the Tunisian Association for Combating Corruption, the Tunisian Association of Public Controllers, the Arab Institute of Business Leaders, ATIDE, Mourakiboun and the Tunisian Human Rights.


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