Fuel and gas crisis committee confirms success of anti-fuel-smuggling campaign

The fuel and gas crisis committee has confirmed that the intensive campaign it had announced a couple of weeks ago to stop fuel smuggling in western and southern Libya has turned out a great success.

“The campaign has achieved great results and limited the percentage of fuel smuggling in a considerable proportion.” The committee said on Facebook.

It added that before shutting the land borders by Nalut Military Council in the face of the fuel-smuggling trucks en route to Tunisia, there were about 69 trucks laden with 40.000 liters each, which means 2.670.000 liters smuggled to Tunisia on a daily routine.

The statistics of the committee was based on the statement of the Tunisian Minister of Economy, who said that his country covers most of the local market’s demand for fuel by the fuel smuggled from Libya.

“With the cooperation of the Nalut Military Council’s forces and the residents, we managed to stop smuggling fuel in a very convincing proportion.” The fuel and gas committee remarked, adding that all the military councils at the western mountain districts in Libya should cooperate with it and with Nalut Military Council so that they can terminate this dilemma.

 Libya Observer

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