Tunisians protest, ban Libyans from entering Dehiba border crossing over end of fuel smuggling

Several Tunisian nationals and residents of Dehiba town in Tunisia, which is a border crossing town with Libya, have gone out in violent protests blocking the crossing and banning Libyan cars from entering Tunisia.

The chaos erupted after the fuel and gas crisis commission of the Libyan government has taken measures and stopped nearly all the fuel smuggling movements that were taking place via that border crossing from Libya to Tunisia.

“We have received killing threats by some of the Libyans who are directly damaged by the lawful end of fuel smuggling.” The fuel and gas crisis commission said on Sunday.

On the other hand, the chief of the Ras jdir border crossing with Tunisia, Mohammed Jarafa, confirmed to the press Sunday that there is no chaos or protests in that side of the border with Tunisia and the road is open between the two countries.

The fuel and gas crisis commission in Libya announced days ago that security forces in Nalut city have tightened security measures in the area and made so difficult for fuel smugglers to practice their illegal hobby any longer between Libya and Tunisia.

The measures led to closing certain petrol stations, whose owners are actually helping smuggle Libyan fuel to Tunisia.

 Libyan Express

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