Bardo Museum in Tunis to host Uffizi pre-Roman antiquities

 The Bardo museum in Tunis will host an exhibit on pre-Roman antiquities that are part of the Uffizi’s collection – a way to boost the cultural ties between Tuscany and Tunisia and most of all relaunch the museum after the March 18, 2015 terror attack.

The announcement was made by the deputy president of the Tuscany region, Monica Barni, who visited Tunisia at the beginning of April. The date has not been set yet but it will be by the end of the year.

Tuscany, explained Barni, is among few European and Italian regions who are active in the least favored regions of Tunisia like Kasserine, Jendouba and Tatauine. These regions have the lowest rates of economic development and the country’s highest youth and women’s unemployment levels.


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