Tunisian journalist Mabrouka Khedir interviewed by Morgan Freeman

Tunisian brilliant and talented journalist Mabrouka Khedir was honored to be the guest of  International  actor Morgan Freeman in his new programme STORY OF US on National Geographic.

In London, in front of parliament, she remembered the harsh events that took place in the Maghreb. Mabrouka had the courage and the opportunity to cover for Deutsche Welle (Dw) TV  the Tunisian and Libyan revolutions, the overthrow of two regimes that ruled for decades.

She experienced the outbreak and disrupt of the two revolutions, the atrocity and the severity of the swift events on the ground, as well as the path to achieve stability and democracy within spaces full of plots and conflicts.

I talked with Morgan Freeman about our Revolution, about Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine….so thanks Freeman for giving me this unique opportunity and space to tell the world about my country, about the marginalized and oppressed people, about the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us to breath, to taste freedom and start a new era …, said the journalist.

“I believe that it is just the beginning of a difficult path towards democracy and freedom”, she added.

With this great programme, Mabrouka Khedir shared her experience and the story, during which she witnessed the crucial time that the people were going through seeking a long awaited freedom.

She covered the great expectations of activists despite the suffering as well as the dreams of the new generation for dignity and freedom.

Mabroukha Khedir had the great chance to report from the depth of events as young journalist and she had the right opportunity to be interviewed by a personality like Morgan Freeman on her rich and wonderful experience which is still remembered with pride and all happiness.

Ben Rhouma Chedly

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