Another sorrowful test for the unity of Tunisians against terrorism

The killing of khelifa Soltani, the brother of Mabrouk Soltani, beheaded in the same awful and terrible way, stole our calm and reassurance in this weekend.

The terrorists who carried out the murder chose a symbol when they were plotting their crime to target another member of the same family with this cruelty and atrocity.  Our sorrows and pains are tremendous when we saw the mother of the two martyred victims speaks on the Tunisian TV, crying with sadness and indescribable agony.

I felt what happened to this woman is unbearable. She said that she is missing the sight for her son, who was beheaded by terrorists two years ago so how she can bear the loss of another in the same circumstance.

Once again we bid farewell to one who loved those mountains, as we love the sea and the sand, joined the martyrs of the blind terror. Khelifa Soltani and his brother loved their sheep, all the trees and birds in the space. They were very happy with their simple life, which was defiled by terrorist. Despite the great achievements by security and army forces, the terrorists will move frightened and desperate to further target us through their despicable deeds.

We hope that this new tragedy pushes politicians to create the appropriate atmosphere and to help unify Tunisians against these terrorists who are holed up in the mountain which is the memory of those innocent residents belonging to these land areas of our country.

As the daily suffering of these inhabitants is exacerbated by terror and a constant fear, it is very urgent to review the situation of those citizens, many of whom have left their areas and this is what terrorist want and plan for.

Accordingly, political decision makers must expedite the appropriate solutions with the military fist until our mountains are liberated of all terrorists and restored their full security. This will only be possible with the solidarity between all Tunisians by overcoming their problems.

Ben Rhouma Chedly


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