Tunisia: Forest fire Emergency Plan of Action

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Current dry and hot weather conditions in Tunisia are considerably increasing the risk for fires. Hot winds from the south contributes to worsen the situation, spreading easily any fire outbreak to cause widespread destruction. On the 31st of July, a fire outbreak in Jendouba Governorate (North-West region of the country) the delegations of Ain Draham and Fernana resulted in the destruction of houses displacing around 500 persons, with the families currently being in a very vulnerable situation without any shelter.

From that date forest fires extended to other Governorates in Tunisia, particularly in Bizerte. In the last 24 hour and according to Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) team in site, the fire was extended to affect considerably the region of Bizerte (North region of the country) in Sejnane and Ghezala delegations. More than 120 families have been evacuated and placed in a transitional shelter managed by TRC. The situation worsens and an emergency operation is in progress.

Most of the 500 affected families are being sheltered within the local community, staying with relatives, neighbours, colleagues and other acquaintances. Some 70 families in Bizerte were temporarily sheltered in a public school and have since been moved to a transitional shelter run by the authorities.

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