China: Tunisian soft seeded pomegranate market depressed

“The blossoming and ripening process of Tunisian soft seeded pomegranates is closely related to the temperature. This year, because of the cold weather, there are fewer products from Huili. At the beginning of the fruit bearing stage, it has been raining continuously. Later, there was not enough sunlight. This has caused the fruit to enter the market around one month later than in previous years,” according to Mr. Peng, producer and salesman of Tunisian soft seeded pomegranates in Fule Village, Tongan Town in Huili County, Sichuan.

“Tunisian soft seeded pomegranates are ripened the best around 10 to 15 days before the Mid-Autumn festival. The supply period will last until December. Before the Mid-Autumn festival, the price for Tunisian soft seeded pomegranates was somewhat higher than last year, but after the festival, it dropped again dramatically. Currently, the sales are not optimistic at all. It is difficult to say how the market will develop itself. This will only become clear around 15 to 20 days after the Mid-Autumn festival.”

This dismal sales situation is brought about by the irregular market. In the past two years, the rise of e-commerce has been very convenient for consumers, but it has also given sellers a platform for price wars. In order to gain customers, many sell their inferior products for low prices. It tempers the consumers’ desire to buy, and creates a vicious circle on the market.”

“Our current supply of Tunisian soft seeded pomegranates is around 30,000 kilograms. Next year, we will reach 150,000. In the future, we hope to have the opportunity to partner up with reputable large-scale purchasers, so that we can bring our high-end products to even more consumers.”

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