HoR satisfied with results of latest Tunisia talks

The head of the Dialogue Committee representing the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdel Salam Nassia, stated after a HoR session yesterday, that the HoR examined the results of the Dialogue Committee during the first round of the Tunis dialogue within three days.

Nassia added that the HoR had come to an agreement that the duties of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces should be under the responsibility of the Presidential Council.

He also stressed that this should be under the condition that any decisions could only be made with the agreement of the HoR.

Nassia concluded by saying that the HoR expressed their satisfaction with the conclusions reached by the Dialogue Committee on mutual agreements regarding the building of the executive authority and proposals for the Constitution, in addition to the articles on which there was disagreement, and options put forward to amend them.

Libya Observer

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