Tunisian-British Friendship Association: building bridge between Tunisian and British societies by stepping up English language learning

I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast discussion on the theme “the English languages learning … the way forward” organised by the Tunisian-British Friendship Association” Friday in Tunis, to discuss the prospects of English learning in Tunisia.

The event was enhanced by the presence of Minister of Education Hatem Ben Salem and a large audience and participants coming from the political, academic and professional world to discuss the issue of English learning and find out ways to improve the learning process on the basis of other experiences whether British or Tunisian.

The cultural and professional exchange was very clear through the debate initiated on this occasion, along with a warm atmosphere full of enthusiasm voiced by the British guests and the Tunisians who are seeking a common ground of thinking and mutual understanding about current issues of the English language learning nationwide and worldwide.

In my opinion, it is an exceptional initiative materialized by the Association that targets learning and learners, teaching and teachers, and even business leaders whose main objective is to set up reflection on new means of acquiring good English skills. It is an initiative that we strongly commend and encourage calling on the association members to pursue this action on the path of upgrading the English learning, promoting cultural exchange and encouraging all those who wish to join this prominent association.

TunisianMonitorOnLine (MNHN)

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