We can save education system by transforming schools into social enterprises, says Founder of “Wallah We Can” Lotfi Hamadi

“Wallah We Can” is a movement that aims to demonstrate through its actions and results that we can save the education system by transforming schools into social enterprises”,  Founder of “Walla We Can” Lotfi Hammadi wrote on his facebook page.

“Our approach is to produce within these photovoltaic and agricultural energy establishments in order to create wealth which improves the budget for improving the living conditions and studies of the students. Our solution also allows through the clubs run by committed students to offer a humanist, environmental, entrepreneurial, technological and civic culture to children, the future true builders of a developed Tunisia,” he pointed out.

According to Baya.tn website, the association “Wallah We Can” will become a foundation that will, as in the past, aim to guarantee a better living environment and studies through ecological, economic and sustainable solutions for over 150, 000 students of the 339 boarding schools from the country.

In order to achieve success of the project, which will have an impact on the approach of childhood and education in Tunisia, “Wallah We Can” will rely on a team of professionals who will develop and follow the students over the next three years to show the impact on the development and education of the boarding students.

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)

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