Canada: Two Tunisians co-founders of company specializing in processing of organic cereals

Napolis Nature Canada is the company, which specializes in the processing of organic cereals. It was created by Mohamed Berrim and Montassar Chebbi, two Tunisian graduates of University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM).

Their success story lies in the creation of the first North American branch of Napolis Nature, headquartered in Ben Arous, Tunis, Tunisia Mohamed and Montassar’s native country.

Mohamed Berrim and Montassar Chebbi are two former players on the men’s soccer team of the Citadins of the Université du Québec à Montréal. Their project is to integrate healthy food and physical activity according to the two kinanthropology graduates.

Founded in 1988, Napolis Nature’s parent company dominates the organic market in Tunisia and is well established in France, Switzerland and the Middle East.
Certified and various products :

Napolis Nature Canada products are certified by an organization accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Mhamsa and date coffee products

Their three best selling products are mhamsa, a traditional Tunisian dish, date heart coffee substitute, made from roasted date stones, as well as fitness cereals, made from a mixture of three cereals flakes of barley, oats and wheat with some pieces of dates and almonds.

By the perseverance of Mohamed Berrim and Montassar Chebbi, in just one year, they managed to establish themselves in three points of sale in Montreal.

For Montassar and Mohamed, the concept will soon integrate physical activity and healthy eating: “We will encourage people who are physically active – and who can prove it with our mobile application – by offering them discounts on products. We will also work with nutritionists and hire a chef to prepare the recipes.»


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