Bodybuilder Rehab Trabelsi, beautiful example of ambitious, life-loving woman

Rehab Trabelsi .. 20 years old from Tunisia, live in Sousse
and Business accounting student and she believes in this wisdom
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”— Henry David Thoreau
1- Tell us about your beginnings in bodybuilding
I was a handball player and they told us to do some workouts for enhancement. At first, I started with only 2 sessions per week and then I can’t leave the gym until I come out of the association.

2- Did you find difficulties at the beginning of your decision to professional bodybuilding sport?
For sure. In our country and region, women must be veiled.

3- Who is the first to encourage you to professionally sport bodybuilding?

Well, all my family refused what I do except my mother. She believed in me and she knew that I can be what I dreamt to be. Also, my coach and my best friend Ahmed fezzani he is the most who encouraged me.

4- What is the advantage of this sport for the young man and the girl?
The first advantage and the most important is self-confidence. You learn patience, power control of weakness, desires.

5- What are your ambitions in this sport?
Miss Olympia, the annually big event.

6- What titles did you get?
I was the first Tunisian Arabian female bodybuilder (figure category) I played only one game it was my first experience and I’ve got the fourth place.

7- Are you bothered by the changes that have occurred on your body because of this sport
Or consider it a source of pride and happiness?
Of course, it’s my source of pride. Whenever I found myself progressed I feel the happiness.

8- Is the Tunisian man afraid of women with twisted muscles?
All the people are afraid of someone who has authority and power more than them. The Tunisian man is afraid too but they learned to respect.
9- How society views you after becoming a champion in this sport?
Most of the people look at me like a champ and other like I am none.

10- What is most pleasing to you in this sport and what most saddens you?
The most pleasing me is progressively and the most sadden me is the slow result.
11- What is your diet?
Because I am in the off-season I eat only 5 meals per day but all of them are healthy.
-Meal 1: 70 gr of oats + 6 white eggs + coffee and banana
-Meal 2: 200gr cutlets + 150gr rice and salad
-Meal 3: 200gr Cutlets + 200gr potatoes and salad
-Meal 4: 200gr fish and rice
-Meal 5: tuna or fish + salad.

12- Are you taking certain supplements?
Yes, sure because meals only cannot give me all the quantity of protein and carbs I must consume so I take what I need of supplements BTW I have my protein sponsor #sport & Fitness Nutrition.

13- Are there any competitions for you in Tunisia in this sport?
No. My category doesn’t exist yet in Tunisia and even if it existed I’ll never play here.

14- Do you have advice for your generation?
Believe in yourself and realize your dreams there is no impossible. Even if people hate you and they are against you, one day will come and they will respect you and ask you how you did it?.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Saafi)

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