More Schools and Fewer Tanks for the Mideast

Prominent columnist Thomas L. Friedman highlighted in his last article, published in new York Times “More Schools and Fewer Tanks for the Mideast“, the importance of schools pointing out that Tunisia – as a success model in Middle East- deserves help to continue its democratic transition in education.

He concluded that “It’s time we focused on giving more Arabs and Iranians access to the ingredients that enabled Tunisia to transform itself by itself into a democracy without a single U.S. war fighter”.

It is a significant recognition that Tunisia has succeeded to built a strong education sector instead of building a military arsenal which was the main task of former President Habib Bourguiba who refused to engage in war projects.

Schools give the great impression that Tunisia focused on education for decades leading the country to win the battle of knowledge and fight against illiteracy.

Besides, schools belong to a sector which offers plenty of  opportunities of prosperity and progress, schools deemed to be key to rely mainly on human and its creative potential, to make people respectful between nations, unlike weapons that weaken nations and making its future in mystery and confusion, wherefore as Tunisians we are compelled to preserve this gain away from our differences even away from polarization and excessive strikes, whatever demands are legitimate.

So, we must preserve our schools- as a space of learning and creativity- to be a title of prosperity and progress by working hard to expand knowledge and scientific research as well as improving our world ranking in the field of high education.

We agree that schools are a sign of transcendent values and wise political choices. It is not easy to provide full support to education by an emergent and weak state like Tunisia where are tremendous sacrifices and efforts exerted by most Tunisian families.

Schools can boost public trust in the future and embrace everyone under the tent of co-existence and dream.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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