Tunisian taxi driver gives lesson of honesty

Tunisian media reported that a Taxi driver from the city of Kairouan, about 160 km from Tunis capital, found a bag left by a customer, inside of which 75,000 dinars, that equal nearly $ 25,000.

The taxi Driver handed this bag to its owner refusing to accept any financial reward, despite his difficult socio-economic conditions.

The driver deserves all respect as a good example for his colleagues as he gave a lesson of moral for others showing a good sense of decent behavior and responsibility.

This great example must prevail in our society because such behaviour boost trust between citizens and make us respectful in a time a weird crimes occur within taxis and airports … undermining the reputation of our country – well-known for its hospitality.

In turn, the Tunisian authority should reward this driver in order to encourage this wonderful example which in fact honors all taxi drivers in particular and all Tunisians in general.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Cbr)

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