The Great heritage, Triomphe de Thuccabor snatches three medals at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Extra virgin Olive Oil Triomphe de Thuccabor of the Ben Ismail domain has been awarded three medals at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

Mohamed Ben Ismail, Maher Ben Ismail and Salah Ben Ismail were expecting this award since they excel not only in the olive oil making but also in making an organic olive oil brand.

Their exceptional hard work made it possible to book a ticket in the 2019 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and be among the best international renowned olive oil brand producers.

Besides, Extra virgin Olive Oil Triomphe de Thuccabor has been awarded the gold medal at the competition for the best extra virgin olive oil in Tunisia in the fruity green medium organic category organized by the Tunisian National Olive Oil Office (ONH) sponsored by the International Olive Oil Council (IOC).

The Ben Ismail family passion is a catalyst for making the best olive oil worldwide along with an organic olive oil that heals the soil and the body.

It is in fact a sacred ritual born out of a great belief and passion of the three Tunisian olive oil leaders nationwide in their great heritage, the Ben Ismail family members, the father and his two sons.

The Great heritage of a farming dynasty, that dates back to the early years of the previous century

The name of Triomph de Thuccabor has got its own origin from the ruins of the ancient city, the triumphal arch, which still exists among the olive trees of the farm. A path, which winds through it, leads to a beautiful spring that bears the justified name of Triomphe de Thuccabor.

The outstanding Roman presence is clear.  Toukaber neighbourhood is known for its ancient ruins where the smell of so many civilizations is still present.

Oleotourism when olive oil cultivation is combined with tourism

Oleotourism is one of the best ways to know about the olive oil’s new culture, to learn more about our project, to receive our guests to share and to get closer to the Oil’s World in our Family reserve of Ben Ismail in Toukaber, Maher Ben Ismail told TunisianMonitorOnline. Oleotourism, a great opportunity to be seized, he said.

Maher Ben Ismail, a young farmer with a chartered accountant background, sees oleotourism as a new opportunity for Tunisia.

Triumph de Tuccabor olive oil produced in the Ben Ismail farm in Toukaber won several awards abroad. It is also the only Tunisian olive oil to be selected by the reference site “Best organic olive oil”, he said proudly.

Maher Ben Ismail said that Tunisia has already opted for wine tourism with the “wine route”.  Today, Tunisia is trying to explore how to propose “the olive oil route in Tunisia” to the European countries in which this tourism is popular.  

This tourism would be an opportunity for Tunisia to seize, because apart from providing additional income to farmers during years of declining productivity, it also provides a second tourist season.

This tourism also offers foreign visitors a cultural exchange. It helps discover local traditions in rural areas in Tunisia that are worth visiting.

The Ben Ismail domain with its some 5, 000 olive trees is characterized by its extra virgin “chétoui” oil, ” Triomphe de Thuccabor, which had already won the gold medal at the London Olive Oil competition in 2017.

The objective of Ben Ismail family is to launch into the activity of oleotourism, a concept already present in Spain, Italy or France, by organizing training courses to initiate the tasting of olive oil.

For the Ben Ismail’s, the tourists can travel to Toukaber just to learn and appreciate the tastes and gastronomic flavours of the product.

Oleotours will promote and market oleotourism.

Moreover, it is one of the ways they can promote their olive oil by showing the oleotourists the distinctions obtained and the competitions in which the brand has taken part. This goes hand in hand with a guided tour of the oil mill, the production slides and the entire production process.

The quality of the oil and its reputation is only the result of hard work. “We want to move away from the classic concept of guest houses, what we do is the art of olive oil,” said Salah Ben Ismail. “We strive to introduce tourists and visitors to everything that can be found in the entire olive oil value chain.” he added.

TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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