Presidential elections: Saied and Karoui frontrunners after 71% of votes

With reaching 71% of the vote count in the early presidential election in all constituencies, the results confirmed that independent candidate Kais Saied still leads with 456,388 votes, or 18.8% of the vote, according to results revealed by the Independent High Electoral Authority (ISIE) and published in the Tunis Convention Centre that hosts the media centre around 7:30 p.m on Monday.

Nabil Karoui (from Heart of Tunisia party) is in second place with 15%, followed by Abdelfattah Mourou (Ennahdha, 13.0%), Abdelkarim Zbidi (independent, 10.3%), Youssef Chahed (Tahya Tounes 7.4%) and Ahmed Al Safi Said (independent, 7.3%).

The two leading candidates will compete in the runoff of the presidential election if none received more than 50% of the votes.


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