Tunisia’s TELNET group signs first satellite launch contract with Russia

Tunisia’s company TELNET signed a contract with the Russian operator of commercial launches of Soyuz-2 rockets GK Launch Services for putting in space Tunisia’s first satellite.

The Tunisian group TELNET organised a ceremony at the Digital Research Center in Sfax on Monday for the signing of a contract for launching in 2020 its first satellite Challenge ONE with Russia’s Soyuz-2 rocket.

GK Launch Services CEO Alexander Serkin and TELNET CEO Mohamed Frikha took
part in the ceremony.

The Tunisian satellite launch project is part of the research and innovations for testing new concepts and technologies.

One year after the first announcement of the satellite project, TELNET presented the achievements of its teams through the in-lab demonstration of the first version of “CHALLENGE ONE”.

There are plans for pushing ahead with the programme to eventually increase the Tunisian company’s cluster of satellites to 30.

The Sfax Digital Research Center has signed an agreement with Russia on cooperation in the air and space industry.


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