Tunisia Digital Summit: First start up label to be launched on April 5

Tunisia is one of the most dynamic African countries on the African continent in the field of digital technology

“Tunisia is one of the most dynamic African countries on the African continent in the field of digital technology,” said Skander Haddar, organiser of the third edition of Tunisia Digital Summit (TDS) 2019, held in Tunis on April 2 and 3.
Haddar emphasized that the objective of this event is to highlight the successful experiences of young Tunisians in the digital field who have succeeded thanks to the support policies conducted by universities, incubators, training centres and other support and funding structures.

Haddar noted that through various keynotes (conferences) and panels, led by some sixty internationally renowned experts, Tunisia Digital Summit will address in a holistic way the strategic topics of Digital Management, such as customer experience, omnichannel marketing, HR transformation, agility and change management.
This event, he said, will give an in-depth look at major technological trends such as cognitive computing, blockchain (transmission and storage technology), IOT (Internet of Things), Intelligent Cloud, cybersecurity etc.
At the opening ceremony, three prizes were awarded to the best digital projects and applications.

The first prize for the best project for citizens (DIGIGOV for citizens) was awarded to Wala Atrous of the National Centre of Technologies in Education (French: CNTE) for setting up an electronic platform for the registration of distance students.

The second prize for the best project for economic enterprise (DIGIGOV for business) was awarded to Ahmed Faouzi Ben Khalifa, CEO of TTN (Tunisie Trade Net) for the implementation of the electronic invoice
As for the third prize for the best digital application for the company or the citizen (Best mobile Apps), it was awarded to Mehrez Ben Aissa from the National Electronic Certification Agency (French: ANCE) for the “QR Check mobile” document verification application.

“A group of young creators are candidates for obtaining the first startup label that will be launched on April 5,” Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced in Turn.
Chahed further announced the launch on April 20 of the “LABES” Vital Card for e-care that will help the socially insured people to benefit from online services and to monitor the progress of their files. Over 900 thousand “social cards” destined to poor families are also being made, he added.

Digital transformation is currently the priority of the government that endeavours to set up an economic model based on innovation and creativity, he pointed out, citing in this respect a set of measures taken during the past years such as enhancing the law through promulgation of the startup act and upcoming adoption of the digital code by a cabinet meeting.
The goal is to create a favourable eco-system for Tunisian startups and internationalisation of services.


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