Tunisia E-Health Challenge 2019 final to elect 3 most efficient prototypes

The final of the third edition of TUNISIA E-Health Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Elgazala Technopark.

Organized by the Institut Supérieur des Technologies Médicales de Tunis (ISTMT), under the aegis of the UTM, in partnership with Elgazala Technopark and in collaboration with the ATGBM association and the BiomedInnov club, this event aims to elect the best new biomedical solutions.

This national competition gives greater visibility to the efforts of young people who are passionate about digital technology and innovation to address certain issues affecting the world of health. For this year, 19 candidate teams representing 10 Tunisian academic institutions have been competing since January 2019.

Five projects were announced as finalists on April 3, 2019, following the selection of the best prototypes by a jury of 6 experts. The final due on April 27, 2019 at Technopark Elgazala will elect the 3 most efficient prototypes.

The five finalists will have the opportunity to promote their projects to an audience of health professionals, academics and university researchers, industrialists and politicians.


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