Piero FASSINO welcomes Tunisia’s request for Partner for Local Democracy status

Piero FASSINO, Congress Spokesperson on the South Mediterranean Partnership, commended Monday the decision of the Tunisian government and the Federation of Tunisian Cities to submit an application for the status of Partner for Local Democracy with the Congress, The Council of Europe Website reported.

“This is an important decision as the Partnership represents a real tool for co-operation which will bring local institutions closer to citizens and strengthen the fabric of Tunisia’s democracy,” said the Congress spokesperson.

“The partnership with Tunisia – as well as the partnership with Morocco signed in March 2019 – will help to consolidate peace, stability and security in a Mediterranean basin currently marked by the serious conflicts in Syria and Libya and upheavals affecting many countries in the region,” he added.

The Tunisian Government’s decision to apply for the status of Partner for Local Democracy with the Congress is part of a long-standing co-operation between the Congress and the Tunisian authorities. The Congress contributed, in particular, to the drafting of the Tunisian Constitution in 2014 and to the preparation and observation of the municipal elections held in 2018, the same source said.

The request will be submitted to the Bureau of the Congress for decision at its meeting on June 28, 2019, in Brussels.

The status of Partner for Local Democracy offers elected representatives of local authorities from the Council of Europe’s neighbouring countries the opportunity to participate, within the Congress, in the strengthening of local and regional democracy. Members of delegations from countries with this status may participate in Congress sessions as well as in meetings of its Monitoring, Current Affairs and Governance Committees.


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