Tunisian Lobna Smida appointed Regional Director for North African ICT Foundation

The African ICT Foundation has appointed Lobna Smida as its Regional Director for North Africa.

Lobna Smida who is currently working as an Administration Advisor at the Presidential Palace of Tunisia is expected to manage and guide the overall direction of the region and develop a regional strategic plan every two years, using input from the regional officers and/or committee members.

Executive Secretary of the Foundation Emmanuel Bassey said in a statement that Lobna whose appointment takes immediate effect is tasked with the overall leadership of the Region and will be joining other members of the Executive Council of the Foundation in its core objective of policy advocacy in Africa’s ICT sector.

Lobna Smida, a multiple award winner in Africa’s digital Economy advocacy, Ambassador of “Smart Tunisia” and the International Rehabilitation foundation (RI) Vice President for Arab region among other numerous portfolio holds Master’s degree in English Literature at the University of Literature and Human Rights of Sousse.


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