Start of employment initiative in Tunisia’s territories

The employment initiative in Tunisia’s territories was kicked off, announced Saturday Association for the Development of Co-operation and Friendship between France and Tunisia (APCAFT) President Rayed Chaibi, during a meeting organised in Tunis to present the initiative, TAP reported

Rayed Chaibi said that the objective is to create a synergy between the various local stakeholders to promote employment in the regions.

“In view of the serious economic and social situation, the APCAFT proposes an initiative that will help combat unemployment in the interior regions by involving all the major actors as the local authorities, the enterprises, the associations and the training structures,” he told TAP.

Chaibi added that the association is keen to help the municipalities create a municipal employment, training and economic development service to be called “Employment Mission Tunisia.”

He specified that the first “Employment Mission” had been created in Drancy in France, October 2013, and the APCAFT intends to launch this initiative in Tunisia on a voluntary basis.

In this regard, the official indicated that this initiative had been presented to some municipalities such as Zarzis, Rades, Raoued, Tunis, Megrine, Fouchana and Manouba, which expressed their interest to create this kind of municipal service, adding that the association will assist municipalities interested in setting up and structuring their Employment Mission.

Created on March 20, 2018, the Association aims to develop projects in Tunisia in connection with the Tunisian associations and authorities and to provide funding and support from French and European institutions.


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