FTTH and Tunisia Jobs ink agreement to promote textile sector worldwide.

The Tunisian Federation of Textiles and Clothing (FTTH) and Tunisia Jobs signed Tuesday in Tunis a collaboration agreement.

The recovery plan drawn up by the Federation has laid the foundations and opened up the horizons of the textile and clothing industry sector in the medium and long term. Especially since it was the subject of a Growth and Competitiveness Pact concluded between the federation and the government

It is in this context that FTTH is seeking USAID’s support through Tunisia JOBS (Jobs, Opportunities and Business Success) to strengthen the Federation’s capacities and support companies in the sector in their quest for assistance to improve their market positioning.

“Despite the difficulties it has faced, the textile sector remains a pillar of the Tunisian economy,” said Slim Ferriani, Minister of Industry and SMEs. “The sector provides more than 164,000 jobs, and its exports reached about 7.4 billion dinars, or 2.4 billion euros in 2018, with a significant increase of about 18% in dinars and 3% in euros,” he added.

The objective of the agreement between FTTH and Tunisia Jobs is to facilitate and increase access to finance for companies, and to improve their international competitiveness, he said.

“As for the 2019 figures, they are encouraging, they represent no less than 20% of the total exports of Tunisian manufacturing industries, as a step-job,” he added.

Regarding the sector’s recovery plan, Feriani mentioned the establishment of a first sectoral pact, based on a public-private partnership, with concrete actions and precise and quantified performance objectives, including the creation of 10,000 jobs per year, or 50,000 jobs over a period of 5 years, from 2019 to 2023.


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