Conference of Heads of Diplomatic Missions

The Annual Conference of Heads of Diplomatic, Permanent and Consular Missions held Thursday in Tunis focused on Tunisia’s term as UN Security Council non-permanent member and the 18th Francophonie Summit to which Tunis will play host in 2020, said Foreign Minister Khémaies Jhinaoui.

The conference is placed this year under the slogan “Tunisian diplomacy and the Forthcoming Events in light of Regional and International Challenges and Changes.”

Ambassadors and consuls discussed the challenges facing Tunisia as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (2020-2021).

The conference also focused on the Tunisian diplomacy as it is gearing up for the Francophonie Summit, as well as on Tunisia’s commitments, he said.

The Friday meeting with ambassadors and consuls looked at the role of diplomatic representations in helping Tunisian expatriates carry out their electoral duty.

Interim President of the Republic Mohamed Ennaceur stressed the role of heads of diplomatic missions to highlight the image of Tunisia as a nascent democracy open to the world in international forums in his address at the closing ceremony of the annual conference of heads of permanent diplomatic and consular missions at Carthage Palace on Friday.

He called for the need to preserve the gains made at the diplomatic level by working to bolster active diplomacy, in harmony with the national constants and serving the higher interests of Tunisia as It is entering a new phase in its history and preparing to organise major international events.


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