Tunisian delegation in Northern Crops Institute

The Northern Crops Institute is hosting the “Tunisian Feed Manufacturing – Train the Trainers Program” in collaboration with U.S. Grains Council and Iowa State University on Aug. 1-7, 2019, agweek website reports.

The course is arranged to “Train the Trainers” in which participants receive training and education on various topics pertaining to feed mill management so they can train their employees when they return to Tunisia. The tour began at Iowa State University where participants learned about general nutritional details as well as feed testing and safety basics. From there, participants will travel to NCI in Fargo.Topics that will be covered while at NCI include:

  • Feed Mill Specifics
  • Poultry Farming
  • Farm and Ethanol Plant Tours

The Northern Crops Institute supports regional agriculture and value-added processing by conducting educational and technical programs that expand and maintain domestic and international markets for northern-grown crops. NCI is funded by the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and commodity groups in those states and Montana, the same source said.


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