Founder Institute Tunisia officially starts its 5th cohort

Founder Institute Tunisia is a startup accelerator in the pre-startup or pre-financing phase. Since 2009, through the Founder Institute, more than 3,500 startups have managed to raise more than $800 million and create startups that are growing exponentially. Based in Silicon Valley with chapters spread over 65 countries, Founder Institute is committed to providing innovative and talented communities with the means and tools to create successful startups.

Since 2015, 24 new Tunisian startups have been born, through Founder Institute Tunisia, during the 4 cohorts organized in only 3 years.

Founded by Emna Ghariani, director of the Mena region and co-directed by Ali Mnif, Founder Institute has excelled in organizing various weekly sessions and large-scale events through its national and international mentors, including Elyes Jeribi, country director of Jumia, Mondher Khanfir, co-founder of WikiStartUp, Khaled Ben Jilani, Executive Partner at Africinvest, Amel Saidane, co-founder of SeedStars, etc.

At the end of its last cohort, Founder Institute was strongly solicited by several actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to restart with a new cohort given that the number of startups sponsored by their parent institute is very small and that this need is real.

For this fifth cohort and despite the lack of funding and strategic partners, Founder Institute Tunisia continues its majestic adventure and is also proud to announce the recruitment of a new program manager, Hamza Guizani, to manage the operations and sessions of Founder Institute Tunisia.

“Founder Institute Tunisia has brought together the Tunisian ecosystem. The chapter directors are unbelievable. It is one of our brightest stars. It could even be one of the best programs that inspire us,” says Adeo Ressi, Founder Institute founder and CEO. “This is a fundamental model of sustainable local economic development.”

“Being a founder of a technology startup is one of the most difficult things in the world. You have almost no life and you have to exploit all the resources around you to succeed. our role as FI Tunisia contributes to implementing the spirit of endurance. We know that the road is very long, but the first results are often signs of success and hope” – Emna Ghariani, Director of the Mena region of Founder Institute.

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