ISWIT 2019 due on August 15-25 in Djerba and Zarzis

The International Student Week in Tunisia (ISWIT) whose motto is “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” is due on August 15-25 in Djerba and Zarzis.

The start of the student festival is due this year in Djerba. It is open to students from the whole world with a view to bringing together over 150 youths, including participants, moderators and volunteers, as part of workshops that cover a multitude of issues.

“Through workshops, close communication and cooperation, interactive lectures and various open activities, students will be able to gain new knowledge and exchange ideas. They will also have an opportunity to establish professional contacts with eminent professors and professionals from different sectors and develop and create new projects by themselves,” ISWIT said in a statement to media.

During the ISWIT 2019, exchange with the students will help people gather in an understanding and tolerant atmosphere to exchange ideas in an open-minded dialogue.

“Meet the Professional You” is an initiative that fits within this framework and which was launched by Young Engineers in Zarzis association. It is geared towards involving Tunisian engineers in projects and creating a broad network.


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