Tunisia’s hopefuls at TV debate, a Tunisian premiere

Few days before the first round of Tunisia’s presidential election, Tunisia on Saturday initiated a historical political event over three nights of televised debates between the candidates, a Tunisian premiere.

The political debate of the 26 hopefuls over three sessions, who will compete to show the highlight of their campaigns, is a key milestone in Tunisian contemporary history in politics ahead of the poll due for September 15, 2019.

“The road to Carthage: Tunisia makes its choice”, is a programme that was broadcast on the national public TV channel along with other radio stations nationwide.

Tunisia which has been praised as a rare success story for democratic transition in the Arab world after the 2011 Revolution, can serve as inspiration for other Arab countries after the advent of the election debate.

The candidates for the presidency must assume their responsibility in enhancing political speech so as to lay the foundation of a sustainable democracy in a young democratic nation.

Politicians must look for ways to work together to achieve the success of the democratic transition process which is still underway along with reaching social success for the sake of social peace. So far, Tunisia is a democratic country with better days ahead, but it still needs candidates that give convincing answers to the most pressing questions.

Candidates must strive to prove a reasonable discourse so as Tunisians decide to whom they give their trust before they cast their ballots in mid-September.

TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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