Tunisia tops Arab and African countries in social progress

Tunisia was ranked 51st, among 149 states, in terms of social progress, according to the Social Progress Index (SPI) published by the “Social Progress Imperative.”

Tunisia topped Arab countries, scoring 72.33 points out of 100, outrunning the United Arab Emirates (61), Jordan (63), Qatar (64), the Sultanate of Oman (66), Turkey (71), Algeria (79), Morocco (82), Saudi Arabia (90) and Egypt (96). Tunisia also led African countries, including South Africa (73).

Norway came first in the SPI report with 90.95 points, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden.

The social progress ranking is based on no less than 50 criteria, all of which involves the ability of a society to meet the basic needs of citizens.

They are essentially Health and Wellness, Access to Basic Knowledge, Access to Information and Communications, Personal Freedom and Choice and Inclusiveness.


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