Tunisia’s ambassador to Sudan stresses importance of strengthening relations with Sudan

Tunisian Ambassador to Sudan, Hashmi Ajili, stressed the constancy of the Tunisian-Sudanese relations based on solidarity and understanding.

He said in an interview with the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on the occasion of the success of legislative and presidential elections in Tunisia by electing a new president and parliament, that Tunisia is keen to preserve the outstanding atmosphere that prevails in the relations binding the two countries and endeavour to support and develop them in all fields and sectors.

The future will be marked by a major development at all levels, in light of the positive signs witnessed in the two countries for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples, he added.

The Tunisian Ambassador to Sudan explained that Tunisia views with interest and admiration the various stages of the democratic transition experienced by Sudan and expressed its great satisfaction to the signing of the Constitutional Document on August 17, 2019, considered as an important reference document in the contemporary history of Sudan, that clearly translated the will of the Sudanese people who are eager for freedom, development and progress, reflecting at the same time the wisdom of the  brotherly Sudanese people who are biased for dialogue and harmony between their various components.

Ambassador Hashmi Ajili indicated that the current conditions pave the way for further enhancing cooperation through the development and diversification of trade exchanges (whose size is still below the expected level) and creation of joint investment opportunities in the sectors of agriculture, health, tourism, transport, culture, environment, youth and sports, exchange of economic missions, further bringing businessmen and investors together and encouraging private initiative.


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