Tunisian Media facing Severe polarization and attacks

Over the last weeks, tensions went up between some known journalists and some politicians belonging especially to newly parliament.

At first blush, the exacerbation tension seems a danger signal and a depressingly issue for diversity and democracy, regardless that the current situation complicates the relation between various stakeholders and hinder pluralism and democracy in general.

It is very easy to demonize the other side. Just after the rule of the former president  Ben Ali, we experienced the repercussions of the confusing differences and severe polarization which disrupted the media and political landscape and rose societal anger.

So, the calling for an upscale and professional media is the demand of all actors, not only a demand of some individuals who pressure and insult journalists every now and then without giving positive solutions for a real reform helping the smooth democratic transition our country is going through.

It is worth reminding that any attack against journalists or against leaders of Tunisian General Labor Union will be failed finally. History showed us that any attempts to offend  actors in the media and trade union field are unsuccessful.

It is so clear that the last presidential and parliament election rises severe political polarization and things take a turn for the worst against some media actors.

We agree that there is a big problem surfacing on the depth of the national landscape in relation to media performance.

The big question now, how to reconcile democracy with different aspirations and how media can be controlled by its people without jeopardizing journalists and undermining values of freedom of expression?

Both sides in power or outside must play a vital role in aim to guarantee a free and fair media, by doing their utmost to curb political quarrels and step up efforts to boost diversity.

It is time to avoid screaming and insulting each other as well as fueling hatred speech across media and political parties …

We need that various parties act seriously to rebuild our solidarity and bring greater visibility to restore the required consensus and coexistence in order to pave the way for Tunisian next generation.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Berhouma)

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