Mediterravenir to organize cross-border meeting in Tataouine as part of “Entreprendre et Réussir Ensemble” programme

Mediterravenir is organising a cross-border meeting on November 14- 15- 16- 17, 2019 in Tataouine as part of “Entreprendre et Réussir Ensemble” programme for the benefit of women project leaders and young entrepreneurs from Tunisia and Libya and Algeria.

20 Libyan women, 15 Tunisian women and 5 Algerian women will join training in Tataouine to complete their capacity in business creation or development and finalize joint projects for the purpose of their valorisation during the Christmas and New Year’s market.

An international event organized by Rotary La Marsa, in collaboration with the Neopole and Mediterravenir will be held from Friday, December 20, 2019 to Sunday December 22, 2019 at the Neopole complex with the participation in addition to the project leaders or entrepreneurs of Mediterravenir, one hundred exhibitors selected to display their products in a large indoor and outdoor space of more than 3000 square meters, in the presence of four universes, namely Childhood, Decoration, Fashion and Gourmet.

Created in 2012 in Tunisia, Mediterravenir acts to promote and strengthen South-North dialogue between individuals and institutions in the Mediterranean basin on the cultural, social, geopolitical and economic levels. It is a set of non-political associative structures that develops a concept and approach for the promotion, by civil society, of South-South-North dialogue and partnerships.

Mediterravenir works mainly on civil rights and political life, education and vocational training at the Euro-Mediterranean level. Its target groups are women entrepreneurs, employed women and young people.

Besides, Mediterravenir has more than 10 years of specific work experience in gender equality.
The association’s headquarters are located in Tunisia, at the École supérieure des nouvelles technologies des informations Esprit.


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