HPR 2nd legislative term kicks off

The inaugural session of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) second legislative term kicked off on Wednesday, under the chairmanship of Interim HPR Speaker Abdelfattah Mourou in the presence of the 217 new MPs elected in the legislative election of October 6, 2019.

Then, the session resumed under the chairmanship of Ghannouchi for the oath-taking ceremony of the new MPs and the election of the new HPR Speaker and his two deputy-speakers.

MP of Ennahdha movement Rached Ghannouchi was elected on Wednesday evening during the inaugural session of the second legislative term 2019-2024, Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) with 123 votes.

Four deputies have submitted their candidacies for the post of HPR Speaker. They are Rached Ghannouchi (Ennahdha), Ghazi Chaouachi (Democratic Current – Attayar-), Marouane Felfel (Tahya Tounes) and Abir Moussi (Free Destourian Party).

Deputy Ghazi Chaouachi received 45 votes, Marouane Felfel 18 votes and Abir Moussi 21 votes.


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