Tunisie Telecom, Tunisair sign data safety partnership agreement

A partnership agreement in data safety was signed on Wednesday by Tunisair CEO Elyes Mnakbi and Tunisie Telecom CEO Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem.

Under this agreement, Tunisie Telecom operator will provide national carrier Tunisair with a backup website in its Carthage Data Centre, the national carrier said in a statement issued on Thursday.

The partnership between Tunisair Tunisie Telecom aims to ensure the continuity and availability of its data and critical business applications on another backup website for ensuring the resumption of activities in a very limited timeframe in the event of a failure in its main data centre.

Tunisie Telecom’s Carthage Data Centre, certified ISO 27001, ensures the setting up of a secure climate for the data system (protection of confidentiality, (NET) integrity of the data’s availability, etc.).


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