Tunisia is a booming tourist hot spot for Russians on a budget

From January to November 2019, approximately 632,000 Russian holidaymakers have visited Tunisia. About 3000 are expected to do so before the end of December. This is a 5% increase in numbers from last year, eturbonews reports.

According to the head of the Tunisian national tourism office, approximately 9 million foreign citizens will have arrived in Tunisia by the end of the year.

Russia ranks second in the number of citizens visiting Tunisia. France comes first. Germany comes third, the same source said.

Typically, the Russians go on holiday to Tunisia for 7-10 days, choosing the all-inclusive three-star or four-star hotels. Most of the tourists from Russia come with families.

Tunisia is popular with older people, as the resorts of this country offer quality wellness programs. Tunisian tourism authorities are aiming to turn tourist flow into a year-round process so that there are no ups and downs in the number of foreign visitors.


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