MDWEB – Impact of COVID-19 on Tunisian e-commerce: 50% of e-buyers pay exclusively on delivery

MDWEB, a pioneer in electronic marketing and digital studies has just released the results of its online survey on ”The impact of Covid-19 on Tunisian e-commerce”.

The appearance of COVID-19 and its passage to the pandemic stage has changed the consumption habits of Tunisians.

Several health and safety measures have restricted access to traditional shops: sanitary confinement, curfew, …

This survey investigated how Covid-19 has impacted online (e-commerce) purchasing habits.

It is an extension of wave 2 of the e-commerce barometer in Tunisia, set up by MDWEB in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce (INC) and SEVAD (UTICA).

This barometer aims to have a tool for global and periodic measurement of the behaviour of Internet users in terms of online purchasing.

This study is based on a self-administered online survey that took place from 13 to 19 May with 1019 respondents.30% of Tunisian Internet users bought online during COVID-19.


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