Tunisian actor Fares Landoulsi joins MAD Rising Celebrity Unit

Tunisian actor Fares Landoulsi has joined MAD Rising Celebrity, which has been launched by the Cairo-based film marketing and distribution outfit MAD Solutions.

It is a new unit dedicated to launching up-and-coming film and TV acting talents from across the Arab world.

Along with Fares Landoulsi who featured in Netflix drama “Messiah,” the new MAD Solutions subsidiary has recruited a rich roster of rising Arab actors including Saudi Arabia’s Fatima AlBanawi – who starred in groundbreaking Saudi comedy “Barakah Meets Barakah,” and more recently landed a small role in new Netflix Arabic original “Paranormal”.

MAD Celebrity has so far been representing dozens of the Arab world’s established top talents such as the iconic Youssra, Menna Shalaby, and Saba Mubarak, and also among other types of talents director Marwan Hamed, producer/screenwriter and Cairo Film Festival chief Mohamed Hefzy, and film producer Rula Nasser.

In a post on his Facebook page, Fares Landoulsi said:” For a few years I have developed my work as an actor between Tunis, Paris, Turin and Hollywood.”

He added: “And with this great news, I would like to announce that Cairo has become one of my action plans or ′′research laboratories”; where I will continue to develop my experience as an actor; defending characters, talking about my generation, marking my time or even leaving an imprint …”

“Very happy and proud to be officially part of the MAD solutions family, in its new subsidiary MAD Rising Celebrity,” he said proudly, noting that “MAD Solutions is the first pan-Arab independent studio and integrative and creative marketing consultant for the Arab film and entertainment industry.”

′′An actor seeks recognition, whether in the form of a reward or a solicitation”, Fares Landoulsi concluded.

Tunisian actor Fares Landoulsi was also selected for the third edition of the Screen International’s Initiative Arab Stars of Tomorrow at the 41st edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), among others namely directors Wisam Al Jafari (Palestine), Raed Alsemari (Saudi Arabia) and Kawthar Younis (Egypt) and actor Nisrin Erradi (Morocco).

This initiative, first launched in 2016, is supported by Front Row and Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC), whose objective is to support five emerging cinema talents from the Middle East and North Africa, who have started to make an impact in their field.


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