Hult Prize ISEAHT On-Campus Journey: From the Info Session to the Competition

Bringing the well-known Oscar of students to the ISEAHT institute was fascinating enough to capture the attention of the most creative and ingenious students out there.

Freshman year students, as well as seniors, were eager to join the movement and prove their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, otherwise stated, their “change-making” spirit.

After succeeding the info session of the 21st October 2020, Hult prize ISEAHT campus Director “Siwar Jendoubi” along with the other OC team members officially started preparing the ground for eventual steps to be taken towards the On-campus competition.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has created some stiff obstacles and paralyzed most of the organization’s plans and activities, yet they, fortunately, found their way owing to the virtual alternative. It allowed them to conduct both of their pieces of training and meetings remotely. The overall experience was fruitful. It enabled the different competing teams to interact with each other, share their visions, and learn more about the Food for Good theme.

The OnCampus Finals bettered remotely on December 13th. The 5 finalist teams had to present their start-up ideas in the presence of 6 Judges. And after devoting a great deal of time to the Q&A and deliberation round, Finally, winners were announced, where the first place was merited by “AKATSUKI” succeeded by “Hot Shots” in second place and “The Wrecking Crew” in third place.

Accordingly, the winning team AKATSUKI, which is composed of ” Emna Ben Hamouda, Fatma abid, Oussama Hamadi, and Maram Hedhli, will be representing ISEAHT Tunis in the 2021 Hult prize Regional summits.

The Regional Summits’ main objective revolves around providing students from around the world with an opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and learn from their peers how the world can be altered through business in favour of social good.

“As a Campus Director of Hult Prize ISEAHT in her First edition, I’m so proud of the change that I brought with the help of my OC Team during this period. We made it through a challenging environment. The Experience is not over yet, wait for more new surprises coming in January 2021”, said Siwar Jendoubi Campus Director of Hult Prize ISEAHT for 2020-2021

TunisianMonitorOnline (Siwar Jendoubi Campus Director of Hult Prize ISEAHT for 2020-2021)

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