Peace Tree Planted at Game Art Park

The scorching sun of June 8 on Saturday did not prevent people from rallying around the blessed tree of peace (olive tree) and planting it in the integrated entertainment complex ‘Game Art Park’, in the suburb of Gammart, to the sound of the Tunisian and Palestinian national anthems by the wonderful voice of Alia Al-Salami. The event was attended by Minister of Environment Leila Cheikhaoui Mahdaoui, Ambassador of Palestine to Tunisia Hayel Al Fahoum, Ambassadors of Cuba, Senegal, Ukraine and Argentina, a representative of the British Embassy, and several political, cultural and media figures.

Through this initiative, Tunisia will be a global peace hub

In his speech on the occasion, Palestinian Ambassador Hayel Fahoum noted that Tunisia, which has never failed to support the rights of the Palestinian people, is today, thanks to this initiative, a global peace hub.

‘Through this initiative, I am witnessing for the first time the process of building a strategy of human consciousness based on the accumulation of actions and not the accumulation of speeches and statements of condemnation,’ he said. ‘Anyone who believes that the Palestinian people, who are besieged, isolated and deprived of all their capabilities, will lose their rights and that they will disappear as time passes, if the Palestinian people lose their rights, humanity as a whole loses its rights,’ the Palestinian ambassador emphasized.

A space that translates harmony with nature

For her part, Minister of Environment praised the issues supported by this space, which was achieved in complete harmony with nature, namely peace, safety, coexistence and social inclusion. She pointed out that Palestine, a living and solid example of steadfastness, sends a message to the world to say how much we need peace to preserve what nature offers us.

An ecological recreational space with a social and community dimension

Presenting the project, Mourad Chebchoub, owner of Game Art Park, explained that this integrated eco-entertainment complex has a social and community dimension that allows all family members and all children, whether with disabilities or autism and healthy children, to play together. This space is equipped with the appropriate infrastructure that allows all groups to enjoy themselves simultaneously without restrictions.

The event was punctuated by a musical performance by the distinguished artist Hassan Doss.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Dhouha Talik- English: NejiMed)

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