Tunisia deploys satellite monitoring system for fishing vessels

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries announced the deployment of a satellite surveillance system for fishing vessels over 15 metres in length.

This system is based on three complementary components, namely a central computer system at the ministry, 50 central and local control rooms, and terminals ensuring the transmission of data relating to the location and activities of vessels while guaranteeing confidentiality.

These terminals will be installed in 874 ships (6.72% of the fleet), the ministry added Friday in a statement. Maritime equipment manufacturers are free to choose suitable terminals in compliance with competition rules.

Fiscal and financial advantages are instituted to reduce the operating cost of these terminals.

A 5% premium on the cost of oil will be provided to cover annual operating and maintenance costs in the Midland and South, where fishing sites are far from ports.

The Ministry emphasised the importance of this surveillance system to maximise the safety of fishermen and vessels and to combat illegal fishing which threatens the wealth of seafood products and the sustainability of the sector.

The system also provides a database for scientific research programmes on monitoring the exploitation of fishing sites.

This will help reduce the costs of naval surveillance, combat illegal fishing and protect small-scale fishermen from losses.

The ministry is working on the establishment of a computer system dedicated to maritime fisheries and aquaculture to provide better services to fishermen and equipment manufacturers and to rationalise human and financial resources.


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