Tunisia eases COVID-19 measures to save tourism season

Tunisia announced on Friday an easing of COVID-19 restrictions including quarantine measures, a curfew and a ban on travel between regions in a bid to save the coming tourism season.

The scientific committee also decided to impose a mandatory 48-hour self-quarantine on incoming travellers with the requirement to have a negative PCR test conducted 72 hours prior to the date of arrival on the Tunisian territory.

Once the self-quarantine period is over, travellers must carry out a second test, Spokesperson for the Health Ministry Nissaf Ben Alaya said at a press conference held at the Prime Ministry’s headquarters.

The new anti COVID-19 measures will boost preparations for the summer season, particularly after cancelling the mandatory quarantine for incoming travellers, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Habib Ammar told reporters.

The new health protocols recently announced by Tunisia were welcomed by travel agencies and tour operators.


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