Tunisia to launch first satellite on March 20

Satellite to be launched on Tunisian Independence Day by Russian Soyuz-2 spacecraft in Kazakhstan.

Tunisia has announced that it will be launching its first satellite Challenge One on the 65th Independence day on March 20. The satellite will be launched by the Russian Soyuz-2 spacecraft from a base in Kazakhstan.

The launch, scheduled for March 20, will also carry the SIMBA (System for Improving Monitoring of the Behavior of Wild Animals) satellite designed to track wild animals around the Kenyan National Parks.

According to the agreement, Challenge One is going to be a precursor for a constellation of 30 satellites to be launched by 2023. Part of the agreement also involved Sputnix, a Russian private company, manufacturing high-tech microsatellite components and technologies. Sputnix’s involvement was to facilitate the development of the satellites and the establishment of R&D services for satellite components.

Challenge One is a research and innovation project that offers a new approach to information technology and its practical application.


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