Tunisian olive oil wins 15 medals at Dubai International Olive Oil Competition

The Tunisian olive oil companies won 15 medals (11 Gold medals and four Silver medals) at the Dubai Early Harvest Olive Oil Competition.

Gold medals:

DOMINIUM (01): Jughurtha olive groves;

TRIOMPHE (01): Domaine Ben Ismail;

BEST OLIVE OIL TUNISIA (02) : Domaine Ben Ismail;

ADONIS (02) : Domaine Adonis;

Alta Olea (02) : (Extra Virgin Olive Oil);

TESORODELRIO (01) : Société Fermes Ali Sfar;

NEAPOLIS (01) : Société Rajhi & Ferjani;


Silver medals


BARHOUMI OLIVE OIL (01) : Barhoumi Group;

CARTHAGENE OLIVOS (01): Rajhi & Ferjani Food Industry Company.

Moreover, one of the biggest olive oil competitions will also take place in Dubai from June 22 to 25, 2021.

This competition is open to all, but only for the oils of the 2020/2021 season. Only single variety and mixed olive oils are allowed. The jury is international.


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