Morocco, Top Importer of Tunisian Dates with 20.7 Thousand Tonnes

Morocco remains the leading importer of Tunisian dates with 20.7 thousand tonnes during the season from October 1 to March 15, according to the Tunisian Inter-professional Date Group (GID).

“Tunisia exported dates to around 82 countries, including Morocco which represents the first destination with 20.7 thousand tonnes, followed by Italy (6,700 tonnes), France (6,400 tonnes) and Germany (5,900 tonnes)”, GID Director General Samir Ben Slimane said in statements to the press.

Tunisia also exported its dates to Malaysia (5.6 thousand tonnes), Spain (4.2 thousand tonnes), Indonesia (3.8 thousand tonnes), Turkey (3 thousand tonnes), the United States (2.4 thousand tonnes) and Belgium (2.1 thousand tonnes), he added, noting that the exported organic dates reached about 6 thousand tons for a value of 45.8 MD (1 euro = 3.28 dinars), i.e. 7.4% of the total quantities exported and 8.6% of the value exported to around 31 countries.

The official said that the quantities of exported Tunisian dates reached, during this period, 81.8 thousand tonnes representing a value of 535.8 million dinars, against 80.3 thousand tonnes, or a value of 556.6 MD, during the same period of the past season (2019/2020).


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